About Rounding List

The Rounding List Application is a tool that aids doctors or their assistants as they make hospital rounds. Using an iPhone or other Java supported hand held device, the doctor has easy instant access to patient, billing and contact information.

Rounding List helps improve billing efficiency by helping the doctor not to forget to enter procedures and diagnosis and it also allows for the easy correction of prior billing errors. Rounding List brings this efficiency to either a laptop/desktop computer, net book or to an iPhone.


Out of the box, Rounding List will satisfy most doctors' medical round needs. If you find that certain features should be added to fit your specific needs, Rounding List can be customized for you.

Rounding List is customized by adding to the current framework or by making changes to the framework. Customizations frequently means connecting to different data sources and adding entirely new features that are curtailed to an office's specific needs.

Contact us through the purchasing pages about your customization needs.

See More

If you would like to find out more about Rounding List and it's features, check out the screen shots and descriptions.

The information provided here will provide you with a great idea of what Rounding List performs during your hospital rounds.

Try It

Contact us and we will send you information needed to try our Rounding List demo.

Trying Rounding List Online Demo for several days will not only help you decide if you want to purchase Rounding List but will also help you determine if you need any customizations and what type.


Check out our purchase options. Rounding List can be installed on your on site servers and there is also a Cloud Computing - Saas option.

Make sure that you find out about customizations. Customizations can be added later, after purchasing Rounding List or before purchasing and installing.

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