Try The Rounding List Demo Online

You would not buy a house with out looking inside first and you would not buy a car before a test drive. Why should software be any different? Hospital Rounds Software is something that you will be using everyday and you should make sure that you are comfortable using it and that everything that you need is available and in place.

Rounding List is easy to try; it is web based so there is nothing to install, it can be accessed anywhere and anytime so you can try it at your convienience and during your free time. Just fill in your name and email address in the textboxes below and click send. Soon you will be emailed a link to the demo site along with a username and password.

Not only is Rounding List is very customizable out of the box, as you will see with the Admin role, but we can further customize it to fit your specific needs and for a reasonable price. Keep this in mind as you are using the demo and make notes of anything that you will need added or changed. Contact us about your customization and we will find out if a custom package can be created for you.



Some data and customizations, such as tab names, are reset daily while other data entered is reset each Monday. You should keep this in mind when you add your test data. We also ask that you do not use any real patient names while you are testing the site and please keep things clean, No Profanity Please.

Note: If you have not received an email containing the information needed to test Rounding List within 24 hours, please check your junk email folder for our email or resubmit here. Sorry for any inconvenience.