What is Rounding List

Rounding List is not an EMR program but a tool that will help doctors and other medical professionals that perform hospital rounds. It is to be used in conjunction with your EMR software to improve patient billing and your overall efficiency.

But Rounding List is more than a list of patients that you have in the hospital. It provides a news section that will let your office keep you up on important news and events in real time. It gives you quick access to the office schedule for a particular day or an overview of the month. A section for OR appointments is available that can also be used for other type of encounters. Past billing can be reviewed and any mistakes corrected. Best of all, patient information can be added to Rounding List by someone at your office. This will free up the doctors and other health care professionals that will using Rounding List during their hospital rounds to do other tasks.

We can customize Rounding List to fit your office's needs. It can be set up so that the billing codes that you use most are the ones that you see, preventing the clutter of sorting through the ones that you'll never use. Tabs can be removed based on roles. Because of the multiple types of EMR software available, Rounding List cannot include all possible data export combinations to fit all, but we can customize Rounding List to export the billing data or any other data in a format that is excepted by your EMR system. Canned reports and reporting software can also be added. Nearly any type of customization can be done to meet your needs.

Rounding List is available to be purchased and installed on your servers. The minimum system requirements for this is a server running Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6, ASP .NET 2.0 and MySQL 5. A Software as a Service option is also available for a monthly premium. The SaaS option will include a dedicated Windows Server with all of the needed software installed.

Check Out Screen Shots and Descriptions Below

Rounding List starts at the secure login page. A username and password is necessary for each user needing access and it is recomended that Rounding List be encrypted with a SSL Certificate